Share the Music

About Share the Music

Share the Music started from a simple request by a young primary school-aged refugee child for an instrument they used to play back home. We soon realised that music is a vital part of not only identity and self-expression, but also the cultures of the refugees we were meeting.

That’s where it began with the Aussie musicians donating their spare instruments and beginning to make friends with refugees, we now run some Jam Sessions together and invite our new friends along to enjoy and learn!

Another goal of Share the Music is to motivate the Australian music industry to stand up and show refugees that Australians welcome them we also aim to put together concerts to spread the message of welcome and fundraise and to give musicians with a refugee background the chance to participate in the Melbourne Music Scene.

What next?

To get more details of how you can support this program, email us at or join our Facebook group. You can also like The Welcome Group Facebook page to share our news, stories and challenges.

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