School of Welcome

About School of Welcome.

Our goal is to enable schools to teach children the truth about refugees and their journey through the national curriculum. Via resources, activities and guest speakers, we want to educate the youth of today about the realities asylum seekers and refugees face, independent of the media and at an age-appropriate level.

We have a team of qualified educators who are pooling their efforts to create tailored packages for school students — including VCAL and IB programs — ranging from preschool to tertiary education.

The aim is for each school to create a Club led by their school community. Schools can fundraise, join in Challenges of Welcome, host movie nights and discussion panels, they can help deliver material aid to refugee homes, the options are limitless to start the conversation with schools and their communities.

What next?

If you’re a teacher keen to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with us, get in touch at or like our Facebook group. You can also like The Welcome Group Facebook page to share our news, stories and challenges.

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