Green Thumbs

About Green Thumbs

Green Thumbs began as we watched some refugees rental homes struggle with healthy cooking on their budget and unable to put in permanent garden beds due to landlords not giving permission.

We support basic case management principles of sustainable empowerment and self-sufficiency so do not provide refugees with food parcels, instead we assist them in creating their own portable kitchen gardens to grow and maintain.

We also prioritise culturally appropriate herbs, acknowledging that herbs are expensive for those living below minimum wage and can make basic ingredients into a tasty meal that has some hallmarks of home.

Garden maintenance is also beneficial to mental health giving the tasks of maintenance that end in the opportunity to enjoy the produce.

About our work

Along with creating portable kitchen gardens, we also collect garden tool packs for refugees to maintain their kitchen gardens and lawns, and aim to provide access to community gardens and gardening groups for the keen refugee green thumbs.

We love people who can offer to help refugees in their rental homes with lawn mowing as we all know this is a rental condition but the cost of a mower is very expensive.

Acknowledging that the majority of the homes we work with have referrals to groups and organisations who provide regular food parcels, we also direct excess crops from volunteers to organisations that provide food in each region.

What next?

If you or your group would like to get involved, contact You can also like our Green Thumbs Facebook page and The Welcome Group Facebook page to share our news, stories and challenges.


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