About us

We are a community focused on providing grass roots support and welcome to refugees living in our communities.

Our History.

The Welcome Group was officially founded in October 2013 by Penny Daly with founding supporters Zeeshan and Deborah to bring together several programs that had grown rapidly across Melbourne. The passionate trio supported the creation of The Welcome Group to continue the work they had been doing anonymously for several years and the passionate team of volunteers has grown ever since.

So far we have supported over 5555 homes of new refugees via the generosity of people across Melbourne. No funding, just Melbourne walking the walk of the talk we talk.

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How We Operate.

We work with case management organisations and trauma and torture workers to fill service gaps and ensure that the most in need are being supported.  We do not duplicate programs that already exist but fill areas of need as guided by case managers, mental health workers and refugee reference groups.

We work from our NESH advocacy framework: Neutrality, Empowerment, Sustainability and Humanitarian principles providing a non political and non denominational approach to welfare and community inclusion.

We are not case managers and do not seek to fill that role. Instead we work to encourage refugees’ self-determination, support the case manage/client relationship and foster community inclusion. We provide opportunities for refugees to have their own voice and autonomy.

We are 100% volunteer-based — we get no funding.

How Can YOU Help?

Anyone can support the work of The Welcome Group.

You can provide storage, deliver material aid or welcome packs, share our Facebook updates and Tweets, refer friends to us for donations, sort donations, grow seeds at home for refugees, and more. You can contribute as a one-off or on an ongoing basis. Our programs currently include:

What next?

At the moment we are seeking donations and sponsorship for our own truck and insurance to moved donations faster. Every dollar counts!


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